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You know at first when I started reading fanfiction I found self inserts "" "cringy"""" but now??? Life is too short to care about that, you want to go out with Naruto in a coffee shop????? Go ahead, nothing is stopping you

Sorry but no. Not every UP student's narrative after grad. I know a number of UP grads who remain steadfast to their promise of changing the world, even if it means leaving the comfortable life they are used to and serving the people in its highest form.

Mabuhay kayo. ✊

Can’t wait to do a Twitch 101 class with House Dems so we can finally get the Super Smash Bros Town Halls we’ve all been waiting for 😂

how players see the DM: scheming master, plot weaver, lore maker, brilliant actor, secret keeper
how DM's really are: