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Reasons you may not want me in your French Revolution Call of Cthulhu campaign. :)
PC: "We continue to guillotine the aristocrats."
GM: "But there are Deep Ones coming out of the water!"
PC: "We know who the real monsters are."

Helping me cope: building another house in #TheSims4. At this rate I'll fill up the Newcrest map in a week.

To put a qualifier in the Bill of Rights is a mistake. No matter how you look at it. No matter how some will try to justify it. No matter how some will try to spin it.... This is just wrong.

1. Du30 threatens to block ABSCBN franchise because of alleged wrongdoing.
2. Ramon Ang (known friend of Du30) buys out Prietos from INQ after months of attacks on brand bc of a completely separate Prieto issue
3. Rappler shut down bc of a loosely-interpreted consti provision

I went out to take a break, because sister saw how I kept gritting my teeth. I come back to even crazier news and...